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Environmental & CSR Policy

Hallmark Vending Environmental & CSR Policy

Commitment to Environmental Issues


Hallmark Vending and all their staff are totally committed to all environmental issues both in and outside the business. The business is one of the leading players investing in and working together with the industries association AVA (Automatic Vending Association) to achieve national industry policies that really do have an impact on improving all areas of the environment, including WEEE (Waste-Electrical-Electronic-Equipment strategy), disposable waste, gas emissions, recycling of cups and machines and reducing packaging.

Industry Association

Over the years Hallmark Vending has been well represented within the AVA and a number of our staff have served on various committees designed to improve and advise on all areas within the vending industry. The Managing Director served as National Chairman of the Association for two years and on the Board for 10 years. We work closely with Save A Cup, a non-profit making Company, which is instrumental in reducing waste and recycling of plastic and paper cups.


Hallmark Vending is well aware of the volume of legislation affecting packaging and waste, both at National and European levels and ensures that the business adheres to these regulations. Some recent examples include:

  • The Packaging Waste Regulations
  • The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997
  • Revision of Packaging Directive
  • Guidance on Green Claims
  • ENCAMS / DEFRA – Fast Food Litter Regulations

We keep an active eye on recent initiatives introduced at Government level, and we continue to monitor government reports, attend seminars to get an understanding of strategic issues and have some involvement with INCPEN (the industry council for packaging and the environment).

Waste Management

1. Recycling within Hallmarks business premises

We are committed to re-cycling. All cardboard rubbish at our warehouse is compacted and collected for recycling. Wooden pallets and machine packaging are returned to the suppliers and manufacturers for re-use.

Fridge units are professionally de-gassed and records kept of their disposal. All old machines and spare parts no longer required are stripped and sent off to the relevant scrap merchants or recycling stations for sorting into different areas for future use. Today around 30% of the remains goes to landfill sites, whereas 10 years ago the figure would have been 80%.

Vending machines that are returned, after being replaced, that still have a life are returned to the relevant manufacturer for complete strip down and refurbishment. These machines are returned to Hallmark Vending in, as new condition and are returned to the field on the rental fleet for a further 3-5 years service. We adhere to the 2006 regulations that were introduced to control the scrapping of vending machines with a payment levy under the WEEE initiative.

Vending machines that are no longer required are scrapped using authorised disposal companies who professionally de-gas the machine and strip out metal, plastic, rubber and other components which are then delivered to the recycling depot for segregation.  

 2. Hallmark Vending staff working on site with our clients

All our Operations staff are trained on waste management and the effect that this brings to the environment if not properly worked. Our operations teams work very closely with clients to ensure waste generated through vending on site is disposed of through the appropriate sources and all areas are left clean and tidy. Plastic cups are collected via the Save A Cup scheme and recycled into office stationary and garden furniture. Plastic cups are collected using Beca Bins situated by the side of machines and then these are transferred to clear bags and placed ready for collection in the relevant storage areas.

The new paper cups introduced especially for Bean to Cup machines are also recycled through local schemes.

Aluminium cans and plastic bottles are crushed and disposed of by Hallmark Vending through recycle systems via specialist companies.

We ensure that all waste on site is dealt with effectively. Firstly by ensuring that the minimum of waste is generated by our operators and secondly by ensuring staff have the correct instructions for dealing with cleaning and product waste from the machines (i.e. ground coffee, leaf tea, used paper wipes etc) This waste is not left in rubbish bins in the offices but taken to the bulk collecting points in the relevant loading bays.

Emissions to air

Gas bottles and fridges are monitored closely to restrict any lost gasses allowed to escape into the atmosphere. These are controlled in house and on site.

Use of Energy

Most of our drinks machines have energy management systems as standard. The machines can be preset to automatically go into “sleep mode” at a set time, thereby closing down the boiler and reducing the heat required. At 6.30 in the morning the machines can turn back to full power. If anyone wants a drink during “sleep mode” then after touching the selection button the machine will fire back up and within 3 minutes the boiler will be back to full heat.

This “sleep mode” saves around 40% of power over the 24 hour period. The snack machines do not have this “sleep mode” facility, however the cabinets are now designed to keep temperatures at a constant level thus ensuring that the refrigeration units are not in constant use. The cabinets are now double skinned and a new material “expanded polyurethane” is sandwiched between the metal work and this “glues the whole box” together without the need for rivets or welding. This allows a stable internal temperature and keeps the fridge working at a constant low level rather than having peaks where the machine works overtime and lows where the fridge is in normal mode.

The only time the fridge really needs to work on this new design machine is when the door is opened for filling and cleaning.

Our snack machines use a high performance Dan Fuss compressor, which is widely recognised as the most reliable unit available in the market with at least 30% better output than other units.

Community Affairs

Hallmark Vending believes in working closely with the community both locally here in the UK and overseas.

The Directors of Hallmark are very closely involved with the Point Foundation, a charity set up by the current Managing Director in 2006 and which now runs 6 orphanage projects in Africa, 3 in South Africa, 1 in Botswana and 2 in Rwanda. The charity is now supporting around 4000 children by rebuilding their infrastructure, providing funds for medical and food aid as well as paying for educational and university fees. For more information please see:


We actively encourage the employment of all colours and religions. Every potential employee does however have to undergo strict security vetting before employment.

Considerable investment is put into new staff with full training programmes being organised as well as ongoing appraisals and training to help further careers and improve the business as a whole.

Why Hallmark?
  • Delivering excellent Customer service
  • Ensuring we deliver Value for Money
  • Ethically sourcing our ingredients
  • Working to product our environment

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

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