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Monday, 13 May 2013 12:52
Frederickson International stays local

In today’s business climate it’s almost impossible to be involved in a quotation without that inevitable word ‘Tender’ being presented at some stage. It’s a long laborious task generating lots of paperwork and often comes down to price alone.

Hallmark were invited to bid for Frederickson International against a very strong incumbent and fierce competition from the best operators, after many meetings and avoiding the usual sales clichés we won the business from the national companies and it has worked out very well for all involved. We created a bespoke graphic to tie in the new bank of machines (CoffeTek ‘Torino’, Bev Max 4 and Crane ‘Merchant’) that gave a fantastic visual effect and combined the stunning look with our superb ingredients and products. The ‘Go-live’ day was an opportunity to get the 150 staff to taste the various options and showcase the increase in quality.

The feedback and results have been so good that new machines are in the pipeline for a new floor! Another satisfied customer enjoying Caffe Praego at its best.

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