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Monday, 16 September 2013 13:15
Hallmark helps Mustang Engineering provide coffee shop quality coffee

Mustang Engineering in Woking were an existing customer of Hallmark enjoying our freestanding vending service for its many employees. They then started to work with a Norwegian company who occupied 2 floors of their offices, Norwegians are extremely passionate about their coffee and wanted to look at upgrading the offer.

Hallmark put forward the stunning Cimbali Q10 and this was installed onto one of the floors to see how it worked matched with our delicious Caffe Praego……the quality of the drinks were better than the local coffee shops that were being used and only a few months later we have had to install 5 of the Cimbali S39 in order to keep up with demand. The installation was not straight forward and we always love a challenge to create bespoke solutions to the various problems we face.

Always happy to get his hands dirty, our MD Charles Trace designed and made some base cabinets that looked so good that Mustang might need to upgrade the rest of the areas to fit in!  Needless to say the customer is very happy with the result and we are very happy to see our delicious Caffe Praego beans flying out of Hallmark HQ!

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