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Rain Forest Alliance

RFAOur support for the Rain Forest Alliance has been going for the last five years since this well known brand entered the market. The RFA works to conserve biodiversity and ensures sustainable livelihoods by protecting the farms and local communities with fairer prices to guarantee investment for clean water, healthy habitats, education, training and job creation.


One great advocate of RFA is Kenco, which we use within 50% of our hot drinks fleet. Their sustainable Rich Roast Coffee in both beans, ground and freeze dried versions are picked from the finest plantations, hulled on site and then expertly roasted to produce a superb coffee with strong taste and aroma.


We also major on supplying Imporient fresh leaf tea which comes direct from their plantation in northern Rwanda. This Rain Forest Alliance certified tea is the best you can buy for quality and taste. Our teams have been to visit the plantation and experienced the values of working with the local communities to bring much better living conditions to those that live there.


For a complete report on the visit to the Phunda Tea Factory please click here.


“By being responsible today, will secure our future tomorrow……….”

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Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

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