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RecyclingmachineAll of our Operations staff are trained on waste management and the effect that this brings to the environment if not properly carried out. Our operations team work very closely with our clients to ensure waste generated through vending on site is disposed of through the appropriate sources and all areas are left clean and tidy. The business focus’s on the following recycling initiatives:

  • Plastic cups are collected via the Save A Cup scheme & recycled into office stationary & garden furniture. Plastic cups are collected using Beca Bins situated by the side of machines & then these are transferred to clear bags & placed ready for collection in the relevant storage areas.
  • The new paper cups introduced especially for Bean to Cup machines are also recycled through local schemes.
  • Aluminium cans & plastic bottles are crushed & disposed of by Hallmark Vending through recycle systems via specialist companies.
  • All cardboard rubbish at our warehouse is compacted & collected for recycling. Wooden pallets & machine packaging are returned to the suppliers & manufacturers for re-use.
  • Fridge units are professionally de-gassed & records kept of their disposal. All old machines & spare parts no longer required are stripped & sent off to the relevant scrap merchants or recycling stations for sorting into different areas for future use.
  • Vending machines that are returned, after being replaced, that still have a life are returned to the relevant manufacturer for complete strip down & refurbishment. These machines are returned to Hallmark Vending in, as new condition & are returned to the field on the rental fleet for a further 3-5 years service. We adhere to the 2006 regulations that were introduced to control the scrapping of vending machines with a payment levy under the WEEE initiative.
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New style recycle bins

Crushing machine at HQ

The result of the crushing machine

“By being responsible today, will secure our future tomorrow……….”Savacup

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Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

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