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Hallmark Vending - Azkoyen Mistral Combination Vending Machines

azkoyen mistral

This ultra green machine from N&W allows an impressive product range to be offered to offices and sites that have limited space.


This exceptionally good looking combination machine comes in three width sizes to suit any location.


The widths are 850mm, 700mm and 410mm. Each machine requires a payment module that connects to the side and this measures 180mm.
The machines have green credentials, with A+ energy rating, eco friendly refrigeration and energy saving LED lighting.


It is exceptionally reliable and very easy to use. The full glass fronted door allows the user to view all the items on display before buying.


  • 5 direct selection buttons for the most popular items
  • Easy to use numeric keypad
  • Compact footprint allows access through even the smallest doorways
  • Large glass door for optimal visibility of products
  • Excellent selection of up to 50 product lines
  • Vend detector system ensures trouble free dispensing
  • Change giver coin mechanism or cashless system options


  • Height1830mm
  • 2 trays of 5 selections snacks
  • 2 trays of 10 selections confectionary
  • 1 tray of 10 selections bottles
  • 1 tray of 10 selections cans
  • Total 50 selections and 450 products stocked
  • Height:        1830mm
  • Depth:        890mm
  • Width:        850mm, 700mm or 410mm
  • Weight:        265kg maximum
  • Temperature:    Uniform 5 – 8 degrees C or varied 10- 15 degrees C in upper trays &  down to 2 degrees C in lower trays making it suitable for food.
  • Electrical:        230V – 13 amp fused with 50Hz frequency.
  • Cooling unit capacity 620W
Why Hallmark?
  • Delivering excellent Customer service
  • Ensuring we deliver Value for Money
  • Ethically sourcing our ingredients
  • Working to product our environment

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

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