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Microwave & Frozen Food

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Frozen food Machine, Microwaves & Food Supply

For those businesses that require hot food for their staff but do not want to invest in a traditional canteen, then we have the perfect answer. Working with the well established frozen food company – Bon Appetit, we have developed a superb new concept that can deliver “home cooked” delicious hot food in just a few minutes. With a superb menu to choose from, your staff will enjoy the range of fully cooked meals, Panninis, Hot Rolls, Breakfasts, Baguettes as well as an impressive array of low fat, healthy & vegetarian options. During summer months, the frozen food machine can also vend ice creams & Smoothies.


Key Benefits for the Company

  •  Low cost options for out of hours & 24/7 service
  •  Improvement to staff morale & productivity where no hot food service is currently provided
  •  No wastage
  •  Space saving equipment

Key Benefits for the Staff

  •  Hot breaded food ready to eat in 1 minute
  •  Extra menu offer giving plenty of choice and avoiding menu fatigue.
  •  Restaurant Range includes vegetarian, healthy, low fat and Halal options
  •  Hot food available 24/7
  •  Very simple to use

Equipment Range  

We can supply and maintain all the equipment needed to provide the hot food vending service to your staff. This can be supplied on a cash purchase, lease or simple rental – all direct with Hallmark Vending.

The Equipment includes:

  •  Frozen Food Machine
  •  Commercial Oven
  •  Microwave Cabinet
  •  For DIY sites a commercial storage freezer


For more details and a free on site tasting – please call 01483 458054

Why Hallmark?
  • Delivering excellent Customer service
  • Ensuring we deliver Value for Money
  • Ethically sourcing our ingredients
  • Working to product our environment

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

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