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We can supply a wide range of water machines to suit every situation and location including stand alone bottled water machines, plumbed in POU water machines and stand alone water in a bag machines that are exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Our water machines can be purchased or rented under a simple weekly agreement that can cost as little as £3.50 per week depending on the unit. This covers the cost of the machine plus the technical maintenance. We also provide a full range of Brita filters to ensure that you get the finest quality filtered water delivered every time.

We have used many manufacturers over the years but now prefer to major on the Borg & Overstrom range of freestanding and table top water machines as they offer exceptional value for money, excellent reliability and look absolutely superb, blending into any environment.

The Borg & Overstrom range are now firmly established as a market favourite offering point of use technology, that’s both cost effective and superb looking. Boasting a choice of water options as well as freestanding or table top versions, the Classic range has all the advantages of mains fed water with high quality filtration.

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