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Payment Options

We have extremely flexible payment options to suit all business requirements and our simple and easy to understand agreements, range from 12 months to 5 years with fixed payment terms. Our payment options include:

  • Cash Purchase by invoice
  • Attractive & competitively priced Lease & HP arrangements
  • Free on loan equipment
  • Hallmark’s Own Rental Scheme


We also offer our own simple but flexible Rental Agreement whereby we supply vending equipment for a weekly fee (typically lower than a lease or HP cost). We insure and technically maintain the equipment and as we own the machines, we have the flexibility to simply exchange should any problems occur.


  0% finance on all rented machines


We are now able to offer 0% finance on all rented machines, which are taken out on a 2 year agreement.

The rental is direct with Hallmark so you don't need to deal with third party lease companies. If you rent a hot drinks machine-you could also get a free on loan snack machine to sit alongside.

Please call or email us for further information and a no obligation detailed quote.

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Why Hallmark?
  • Delivering excellent Customer service
  • Ensuring we deliver Value for Money
  • Ethically sourcing our ingredients
  • Working to product our environment

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

Call us on 01483 458054 for a competitive and free quote

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