A Company with a conscience, committed to being responsible for a better tomorrow.

We are extremely conscious of the impact our business has on the environment. We are committed to work with our clients, suppliers & staff to minimise any long lasting effects we may leave for our planet, while we carry out our day to day operations.


Our CSR focus majors on:

  • Recycling 85% of all waste we generate
  • Minimising food miles through our operations using latest technology
  • Fully Sustainable & Ethical “Supply Chain”
  • Using Energy Efficient Equipment, Vehicles, Lighting & Heating
  • Promoting a Healthier choice of Products for our Customer
  • Being a Responsible & Fair Employer

We work in partnership with DS Smith to actively collect paper cups for recycling and massively reduce waste going to landfill. 


Please click here for a video showing what we can do for your Company.

Making an impact on more than just Vending…

It has always been our intention to help others by funding & supporting individuals & communities alike, through our partnership with the Point Foundation. Our own coffee Caffe Praego donates £3 per case sold back to the farmers & their communities raising over £100,000 in the past 4 years. For detailed information on our specific community projects please visit:




2010 to date project funding includes:

  • 3005 vulnerable children supported
  • 76 disabled children to go to House of Children School in Rwanda
  • 7000 school books supplied
  • 9 specialist teacher salaries
  • Izere Cerebral Palsy Community Centre – Kigali Rwanda
  • Ubumwe Community Centre for Disabled – Giseyni Rwanda
  • Jessies Place & Jessies Co-operative for severely special needs children
  • Kigeyo School
  • La Germaine School
  • 117 orphans sent to & graduated through university

Thinking about our consumers too! Healthier choices are available across our entire vending range.

We believe in offering choice & value for money to our consumers.

We offer & promote a wide range of healthy items against those that should be regarded as treats. We have developed a “traffic light system” that helps our consumers make a qualified choice on what they buy. Products are marked with different symbols that denote a variety of options. For example:

Red identifies products that should be classed as ‘once a day’ treats such as branded confectionary and chocolate based snacks.

Orange identifies every day lower calories items such as flapjacks and breakfast bars.

Green is the healthier option with snacks that are baked rather than fried, low salt, minimum sugar & fat content items, as well as additive & gluten free options.

Blue makes our consumers aware of our ethically sourced products from Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and ETP.


CSR Focused Organisations:

We work closely with the Fair Trade Foundation, Rainforest Alliance and Ethical Tea Partnership, not only in buying products certified by these worthwhile organisations but also working within those communities that produce the products we buy in.


In addition we are members of the SRA (Sustainable Restaurant Association ) and Simply Cups Recycling Scheme

Changing the way we work to ensure we live up to the promises we make as a company.


We have to protect our environmental surroundings in order to protect our future for survival. Easy words to say but we take these very seriously indeed & within our environmental policies we work with our supply partners & staff to deliver best practice.


We invest in our fleet of vehicles with the most up to date Euro spec engines for reduced CO2 emissions. Our staff are trained on the best use of driving & our routes carefully planned to minimise fuel consumption.


Our new vending equipment fleet carries energy saving devices to enable machines to go to sleep whenever not in use, thereby reducing significant power usage.


Our Operations staff are trained on waste management & the effect that this brings to the environment if not properly carried out. We work very closely with our clients to ensure waste generated through vending on site is disposed of through the appropriate sources and all areas are left clean and tidy. The business focus’s on the following recycling initiatives:


  • Paper & plastic cups are collected & recycled into office stationary & garden furniture.
  • Aluminum cans & plastic bottles are crushed & disposed of by Hallmark Vending through recycle systems via specialist companies.
  • All cardboard rubbish at our warehouse is compacted & collected for recycling.
  • Wooden pallets & machine packaging are returned to the suppliers & manufacturers for re-use.
  • Fridge units are professionally de-gassed & records kept of their disposal. All old machines & spare parts no longer required are stripped & sent off to the relevant scrap merchants or recycling stations for sorting into different areas for future use.
  • Vending machines that are returned, after being replaced, that still have a life are returned to the relevant manufacturer for complete strip down & refurbishment. These machines are returned to Hallmark Vending in, as new condition & are returned to the field on the rental fleet for a further 3-5 years service.
  • We adhere to the 2006 regulations that were introduced to control the scrapping of vending machines with a payment levy under the WEEE initiative.

Energy Efficient Equipment

We work closely with the major machine manufacturers to ensure that the machines we buy, comply fully with the Euro Ratings for energy efficiency working to a minimum of A rating. Our policy is to only buy energy efficient machines that are also easily refurbished or recycled at the end of their life.

Our purchasing policy requires our machines to incorporate:

  • Energy saving features which reduce power consumption by 35% in sleep mode.
  • LED lighting as standard rather than using fluorescent lights
  • High quality graphics which require no back lights
  • Machines must comply with European ROH’s (Restriction of hazardous substances)
  • Use special cup sensors so vending cups can be reused or china cups/mugs used
  • Improved insulation in the cabinets& boiler to reduce energy usage & loss
  • Refrigeration gases with an Ozone depletion of Zero Potential

Hot Drinks Machines

Discover our range of hot drinks machines, from instant coffee to the full bean to cup coffee experience.

Cold Drinks Machines

We supply dedicated canned drinks and bottled drinks machines for offices, education and sports facilities - with healthier options if required.

Snack Machines

Choose from our range of bagged snack and confectionery machines. As well as the machines we can supply the products to go in them.

Customer Support

Our dedicated, friendly helpline staff are on hand to answer your calls and our engineers provide technical maintenance 7 days a week.

Delivery & Installation

Our in-house install team handles each installation, whether it is a single machine or a multi machine site over several different locations.

Focusing on our Values

We recycle our machines wherever we can, source sustainable coffee and minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible.

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