We’re here to help you find the right machine for your individual requirements.

Many of our clients operate and look after their own machines themselves, so we provide the equipment and the technical maintenance and supply the products and ingredients on a wholesale basis. Orders received up to 3pm weekdays will be shipped for next working day delivery. We can also supply on an urgent basis on the same day using our own transport.


We are quite happy to supply products for your own machines if you already have them in place.  Alternatively, machines can be supplied to you on a rental, lease or outright purchase agreement on a “DIY” basis from Hallmark.  Our engineers will install them for you and simply provide a technical backup service in the event of a machine malfunction over the term of the agreement.  We will also provide your Staff with full training necessary to fill them and remedy minor faults.  The advantage of filling and cleaning the machines yourselves is that all the revenue collected through the machines is retained by you which means that this can be a valuable income stream for your organisation – whether a private business or a school, sports centre or other location open to the public.

Deciding what type of machine you require for your location.

We offer a vast range of machines chosen to fit to any budget or footfall requirement. Which machine you choose can be based on a variety of factors and considering these before making a choice will ensure you get the correct vending machine for your needs.


When choosing a vending machine you need to decide on the factors that are most relevant to your business or organisation.  For example, what is the space that you have available?  Is there room for more than one machine such as a separate cold drinks and snack machine or would a combination machine that does both be better suited?  What are the demographics of the location?  Is there a predominance of younger people who may prefer sports and high energy drinks or an older clientel that are more likely to want a hot drinks service.  It is a proven fact that environments that have a higher proportion of females to males sell more chocolate products so ensuring that the product mix in whichever machine you choose is absolutely key to providing the users of the machine with what they most want to buy.

Hot Drinks

We have a huge range of machines to suit a variety of budgets. Our machines can deliver anything from instant or fresh brew coffee, barista style chocolate beverages and fresh leaf teas.

Cold Drinks

Our cold drinks machines are designed exclusively to deliver drinks products at the optimal temperature, in the most efficient manner possible.

Snack Machines

Whether you want to offer purely leading brand snacks, health based snacks or a mix of both, our snack machines are a perfect fit. With adjustable spirals a variety of products can be dispensed accurately.

Combination Machines

Combi machines are designed to offer the best of both our cold drinks and snack machines in one unit. Combi machines allow you to vend a variety of branded drinks and snacks from a single machine, minimising the space required.

Food Vending

Food vending machines can provide an excellent point of difference and provide an option for a variety of situations. Food machines can be ideal for businesses that require hot food for staff, but cannot invest in a traditional canteen.

Water Coolers

Water coolers are a staple requirement for the office environment. We supply a range of water machines to suit every situation and location including stand alone bottled water machines and plumbed in machines.

Deciding how you want Hallmark to look after your brand new vending machine.

As you know Hallmark is extremely flexible when it comes to providing the service for your vending machines.  We are able to provide a fully-managed service where we fill, clean and maintain your machines on a local or national basis through our membership of AVS (Associated Vending Services).


If you prefer to fill the machines yourselves on a “DIY” basis we will provide a full technical backup on either a formal maintenance agreement over a set period of time or on an ad-hoc callout basis.  All the spare parts that you require for the machines are kept in our state of the art warehouse in Guildford and our engineers carry a full range of spare parts on their vans.  Should a large part (such as a fridge unit) be needed – we can courier the replacement over to your premises and our engineers will fit the unit and remove the broken one.

Service Contract

Our service contracts are extremely simple and very comprehensive.  Any costs are set out clearly from the start and we guarantee our work meets the highest standards.


Should you choose a fully-managed service our trained operators will attend to fill and clean your machines as often as necessary to keep them working round the clock.  If demand is at a level that necessitates a visit to fill the machines every day we will ensure that we provide this.  Other locations may need a visit just once a week.


Our engineers are on call to make sure that we respond quickly and efficiently to fix any technical faults so that the machines are operational because we understand that if the machine is not working then customers are going hungry!  That is why our stated aim is to attend every technical request within 4 hours of receiving a call – a service offered by Hallmark that is unrivalled in the vending industry.


Self-operated (DIY) machines can be serviced on an ad-hoc basis or, more formally, on a technical service contract if you prefer.  The response times for technical service are exactly the same for the fully-managed machines we supply or the self-operated machines, filled and cleaned by your own Staff.


You can choose a service contract for any length of time between 12 months and five years if the machines have been supplied by Hallmark.  If you already have vending machines that are owned by you and not covered by an agreement with another provider we would be more than happy to visit and ascertain the type, age and condition of the machines and, if they are machines that we are able to service, we will quote you for a service contract or ad-hoc repair before we start.

Choosing a company to work with for all the right reasons.

It is vital to choose the right service partner for your business.  After all, the machines will be in place for perhaps five years and the products and service supplied will develop and change with your altering business requirements.  Hallmark has been around for a long time.  We were founded in 1976 and are at the forefront of new vending technology such as wave and pay, cashless systems for the machines and the changing tastes of consumers away from instant coffee to freshly-ground whole coffee beans.


Hallmark pride ourselves on our approach to Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibilities.  Our entire supply chain is made up of like-minded organisations.  We understand that customers want to know that what they buy is sourced from suppliers who minimise their impact on the environment and look after the people that produce the goods.  We recycle machines that have reached the end of their natural life and anything that is disposed of is done in an as environmentally-friendly way possible.


You will be dealing with individuals, real people who care about the service you receive and develop a true working partnership with you and your organisation – regardless of the size of company you are or the number of machines you have on site.

We have worked hard to ensure we have flexible payment options to suit your business needs.

We have extremely flexible payment options to suit all your finance requirements and our simple and easy to understand agreements, range from 12 months to 5 years with fixed payment terms. We have options to purchase machines outright and self operate.


We also offer our own simple but flexible Rental Agreement whereby we supply vending equipment for a weekly fee (typically lower than a lease or HP cost). We insure and technically maintain the equipment and as we own the machines, we have the flexibility to simply exchange should any problems occur.

0% finance now available on all rented machines!

We are now able to offer 0% finance on all rented machines, which are taken out on a 2 year agreement.

The rental is direct with Hallmark so you don’t need to deal with third party lease companies. If you rent a hot drinks machine-you could also get a free on loan snack machine to sit alongside.

Outright Purchase

You can choose to purchase your machine outright if you prefer to own the equipment.  We offer bulk discounts on purchases of more than one machine and remember the service packages and response times on offer are exactly the same whether you rent, lease or purchase the machines – regardless of the number you buy!

Hot Drinks Machines

Discover our range of hot drinks machines, from instant coffee to the full bean to cup coffee experience.

Cold Drinks Machines

We supply dedicated canned drinks and bottled drinks machines for offices, education and sports facilities - with healthier options if required.

Snack Machines

Choose from our range of bagged snack and confectionery machines. As well as the machines we can supply the products to go in them.

Customer Support

Our dedicated, friendly helpline staff are on hand to answer your calls and our engineers provide technical maintenance 7 days a week.

Delivery & Installation

Our in-house install team handles each installation, whether it is a single machine or a multi machine site over several different locations.

Focusing on our Values

We recycle our machines wherever we can, source sustainable coffee and minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible.

Not sure which machine is right for you?
Not sure whether a fully-managed service is suitable?

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